Monday, June 6, 2011

SUGARPILL: Review and Swatches

Hello everybody, the other day I received a package in the mail that I ordered from a makeup company called sugarpill. They're a new company, about a year old, and their products are fantastic. I only got three things (so far) but I still wnated to review them and show you what they look like and give you information and such anyway. I got two loose eyeshadows, and a pressed eyeshadow, because the palettes that they have on their website are currently sold out. Each eyeshadow is 12 dollars, which is fair because MAC charges 19.50 for a pigment which is 4.5 grams, and these are all 5 grams. Each package will come wrapped in pink tissue paper, with your order sheet, a sticker, her cards, a sample of a different loose eyeshadow, and your stuff. I got tiara, stella, and buttercupcake.

They all come with the sugarpill logo printed on the tops and names and little symbols on the backs.

The first loose eyeshadow I got was in tiara, a really shiny silver. The 3rd picture from the top is what the shadow looks like dry, and the 4th one is what it looks like when used wet. The last two are of a quick little look I did using tiara.

The next loose eyeshadow I was really excited about, and its a matte black with rainbow sparkles. Its hard to catch on camera, but in person it really looks like a night sky, and its suuuper pretty bacause it has a ton of sparkle. again, the 3rd picture is used dry, and the last one is used wet.

I got a pressed eyeshadow called buttercupcake, which is a bright yellow. I got this because all of the yellows I have don't have much pigment and don't work as well as this one. As you can see, they're quite big. The shadow on the right is MAC's electric eel, for comparison.

You can order sugarpill products at and they also sell palettes and fake lashes. Go check all of the different colors out and yes, buy them because sugarpill is amazzing!

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