Tuesday, May 31, 2011

E.L.F.! e.l.f. e.l.f. e.l.f. e.l.f.....

So the other day I went over to Target with my gift card and I discovered this amazing brand called elf!!! I had heard about this brand through youtube and I thought it would be kindof expensive because so many pros use it and what not, and its actually the most inexpensive brand I've come across, and its amazing! I didn't get a lot there, but I did get three brushes, a gel liner, a liner pen, and a liquid eyeliner. I don't know if they have eyeshadows because I didnt see many, but there was also like, different colored eyeliner, concealer and highlighters, and a bunch of other stuff, so I'm just going to review the stuff I got.

so first up are the liners. each liner I got was just 1 dollar, except for the gel liner which I think was 3.

This one is the liquid eyeliner, and I like it because its really dark and once it dries, it doesn't stain at all, which makes it easier to take off. The actual applicator is like a sponge thing, and not a brush, and its thicker than the last liquid eyeliner that I used which was from essence, so its a little harder for me to make a perfect straight line, and its easier to make mistakes, but with practice and a steady hand, its a really good liquid eyeliner.

This is the pen, and I looove it, so far. It has a ton of precision and control, so getting a perfect line or even drawing designs with it is really easy. My mom used it, and she said it was way better than Mac's liner pen. plus, our mac pen dried out so super fast and that was really a bummer, but I think I'll get a few extras of this one because its just so inexpenive, just a dollar, and its a really useful thing to have.

I ran out of cream liner, and I got this one just because I needed one, and its actually a really great gel liner. I was using one from physician's formula and after a while it got really rough and chunky, which is a very bad thing. This one is sooo smooth and it actually feels kindof warmon your skin because its so smooth. I use it in the water line and it stays on really well. The only problem is, after a few hours it tend to shift and stick to the tearduct, so you have to like, rub it out. My suggestion would be to line the outer edge of your waterline, and then stop halfway to the tearduct. Overall, its good stuff.

Here are the liners on my hand, and the bottom one is the liquid eyeliner, the middle one is the pen, and the top one is the gel liner. They all come off and they don't stain to make undereye circles.

brushes!!! the first one is the eyeshadow "C" brush, the 2nd one is their contour brush, and the last one is a fan brush. I love these brushes because they are all soft on the eyes. Brushes are hard to pick out because ones that feel soft can actually be really scratchy on your eye, and I wont use scratchy brushes. The first one I like to use for highlighting under the eyebrows and putting a light wash of color onto the eye. Its good if you dont want to completely pack color on, and prefer it to be a little more subtle. The 2nd one I reaaally like as a crease brush. I used to use a craft store brush for that purpose, but I would end up completely poking my eye socket to get all of the color on. This one actually puts on color so much better than my last one, and I barely have to touch my eye with it. The fan brush is good for sweeping away fall outs on your cheeks. With shimmer, you're going to get a lot of fall out and wiping it with your hand doesnt always work. Another tip to avoid fallout is to put your foundation on last. Love these brushes, they're only 3 dollars each, and I'm really excited about this brand.

Job well done, e.l.f.!!


  1. I have not tried ELF products yet and I think it is about time! Don't you think?

  2. it is DEFINITELY about time!