Wednesday, March 23, 2011

120 PALETTE :Review and Swatches

SO. If you're into this kind of stuff you've probably heard about the faamed 120 palette from bh cosmetics. A lot of people always ask about this palette as well as the 88 palette, and I have to say that I actually like this one probably 10 times better. Its just as amazing as everyone says it is and probably even more! Its no MAC or anything, but if you're used to really cheap makeup then this is definitely for you. The best part is.....the price! I got this palette for about 12 bucks on ebay. All 120 colors for 12 BUCKS!  Believe me, 12 bucks for something like this is an absolute steal, I've never seen makeup with such a high quality this inexpensive. The store price is about 30 dollars, and I would have to say its worth even more than that. I probably got it the cheapest because all of the youtubers I've seen got it for about 30 and they say that the least expensive isn't the best, but in this case it is because I got the exact same one without the brand name on it and its just as awesome. I have the link of the seller I got it from on Ebay case you want it.

Here is the palette:

Every color is just extremely gorgeous and the color payoff is also GREAT. I've never had any eyeshadows turn out this bright, except for some MAC colors like electric eel, but of course, thats MAC, and MAC costs a fortune. This palette here is great for beginners because it has basically every color you can imagine, but if you're more into neutrals, you're going to want something else. I was also SO happy to see that none of my colors broke, because I've always heard of other people's breaking because the pigments are sooo soft. As I was running into my house at full speed, I tripped over the front step and slammed into the door dropping the palette and all of the mail. I was absolutely certain that at least a few of the shadows broke because nothing could withstand a fall like that, but when I opened it I was amazed to see that they were all perfect!! Some of the colors are super super soft like the shimmers and satins, and others are a lot harder like the mattes, but all of the darker colors have great color payoff. The 88 palette colors are more of a hit and miss. So enough with my rambling, lets see the swatches!! we're going to start with the light blue on the upper right corner there, going down by rows to that last speckled orange, starting again with that first white on the lack and white gradient, and going down by rows to that last brown.

Some of the lighter colors in this palette are going to be a little harder to see simply because they're light in color, and all of these were taken at night with flash. here we have some baby blues, some robin eggyish blues, and then those two nice deep blues on the end.

This next row is a mixture of blues and purpleish blues. Some are really similar to the first row, but you also get those nice rare indigos.

This is the first row of greens, obviously. I had a hard time getting the first three colors to show up because they're so light. These are all nice grassy bright greens, and number 4 is just this gorgeous light green, possibly my favorite.

This row is a mixture of greens and blue-greens, and it includes more of the shimmers.

This is a row of bright yellows which is AWESOME because its just super hard to find bright yellow eyeshadows, and it has both mattes and shimmers. This row also has those really pretty golds.

This row has the oranges and orange yellows and most of you are probably thinking, when would I ever ever need orange eyeshadow?? But it is a must have for any makeup collection and its great for blending with browns! All of these colors on this row are so bright and just fantastic.

Zebra!!! This is the black and white gradient which you pretty much need for everything. It also includes beige, 3 bright silvers, a darker silver, a really sparkly black, and 2 matte blacks. The sparkly black is probably one of my favorites.

even MORE greens and blues! this colors are AMAZING and they show up soo well!! my favorite is that sparkly deep blue on the end, but 4 and 5 are these really rare jewly kind of colors, they remind me of a mermaid.

Time for the purples!!! Purple is a great color that really makes brown eyes pop. I love every single color and shade on this row. number 8 is the truest deep purple, in my opinion.

and what would a palette be without pink?? These are the brightest pinks EVER and they have every shade to make really good gradients. number 5,8,and 9 really stand out to me.

We have another pink row with some really awesome reds. I LOVE red because its a super rare eyeshadow color. Most companies don't use it because red dye causes allergic reactions in a lot of people and they would rather not be liable for any bad reaction people have. I dont have a problem with red dye though, so its really handy to have some crazy bright reds.

The last row includes golds,light colors, browns, and coppers. All of these colors are great for neutral looks. My favorites are number 3 because its a nice buttery color and the 2 coppers on the end because those look so pretty on any neutral eye.

So all in all this palette is an incredible deal! At first I was really skeptical when I had my eye on it because it was so cheap, but it was all worth the two week wait :) I would say this is a crazy good investment and if you're interested, go for it!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Royal Gramma Inspired Look

Hello Everyone! My first post is going to be about makeup inspired by a beautiful tropical fish, called the royal gramma! Its that one fish that was in Nemo's tank.

Here it is!!
So for this look I used the colors yellow, a sparkly pinkish purple, and a really deep purple, all from the 120 palette on Ebay. Here's pictures of what I came up with....

As you can see, the colors are reaaally nice and bright and I really love how pretty this color combination is. This doesn't go into the crease really at all, because I wanted it to have more of a long fishy shape instead of a round shape or a cut crease, to make it more accurate.  I'm going to show you how to recreate this look step by step using the 120 palette colors, but you can use whatever sinilar colors you have.

1. First you need to prep your eyes using a base to ensure that your shadow stays on longer and that it goes on brighter. The base that I always use is a paint pot from MAC called Painterly, but you can use any kind of base.

2.  The first color that you're going to use is a bright matte yellow from the 120 palette, but you can use whatever bright yellow you have. 

Apply this color in the inner corners of your eyes, blending your way towards the middle, but stop before you reach the middle third of your eye. The brush that I'm using for all of this is just a cheap brush I got from Michael's craft store. The quality of craft store brushes is just as good as any cosmetic brush, but they're also way less expensive!

3. The next color is a sparkly pink-purple from the 120 palette, its a really pretty color, but I bet you can use any pink you have.
I've used this color quite a bit because its sooo pretty!! Take that color and pat it onto the center of your eyelid, blend with the yellow and blend a little outwards towards the outer third of your eye. Don't let the color go into your crease too much because we want to keep a longer shape.

4. Next, put tape on the corners or you eyes at an angled shape. This is to prevent fall outs and to have the purple end at a sharp line. The purple we're going to use to finish this off is a really deep bright purple.
This color is definitely one of my favorites, and If I'm ever using a purple for other looks, this is probably the one. Take this purple, blend it with the pink, and saturate the color more towards the edge and brush it against the tape to make a sharp line. Again, don't go into the crease with this color because we want the look to have a more flowy fish-like feel.

5. Blend all of the colors together with a fluffy brush to get rid of any harsh lines and to make the color changes more smooth.

6. Use any highlight you want for this look, and apply it directly on the brow bone. Here, I'm using a shimmering white.

aaaaaand you're done! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Have fun recreating this look and don't be afraid to be bright!