Friday, May 27, 2011

RASTA makeup

ello I have a tutorial for you today, and it is rasta eyes. So I'll show you some pictures and such and I'll tell you how to do this with the step by step pictures along the way. ok? ok.

as you can tell, its just a really super easy 3 color thing, just don't blend it up too far and be sure to blend the colors together, or you'll look like a clown!

Step 1: First just apply a white base. you don't have to, you can use any base, but I do because itll make the colors a lot brighter and such. Im using NYX jumbo pencil in milk. It looks all messy, but thats ok because its just a base and you'll smudge it on with your finger.

Step 2: Take a light grass green and put it on the inner third of your eye to start. any light green will do.

Step 3: Go over the light green with a brighter green. here Im using the neonish green from the 120 palette. basically the brightest one.

Step 4: Take yellow and put it next to the green, on the middle third. be sure to blend it in. The yellow im using is from the 120 palette, but I wouldnt recommend it because it barely comes off so I have to pack on a ton for it to show up. Thats also why I use a white base. I just ordered buttercupcake from sugarpill though, so hopefully that'll do the trick.

Step 5: add bright red to the outer third, and blend it over the green and yellow just slightly, in the crease.

Step 6: just add your liner and mascara now!
yey we're done! you guys let me know if there's anything in particular you want to see!


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