Friday, April 22, 2011

Fantasy Eyes!

Hullo! This will be a complete step by step tutorial for a look that I call fantasy eyes just because the colors and blending remind me of all sorts of magicalness.

Here are a few pictures of the look....

The first picture is with flash and the other two are not, so as you can see its a really bright dramaticish look.


First step is to apply a white base. I'm using NYX jumbo eye pencil in Milk which is a white creamy base. If I used a regular neutral base then the white would just barely show up. so just rub that in your eye and sort of blend it with your finger because it doesnt have to be perfect at all since we're going to cover it up anyway with white eyeshadow.


Like I said, just cover up the base with a white shadow and apply that to the lid. Any white eyeshadow will do probably, but the best one I've come across is the white from the 120 palette.


Using an angles brush or a pencil brush, draw a harsh line of purple right in the crease above the white. This doesnt need to be perfect either since itll be blended.


Blend out the purple with a brush, blending above the crease


Using a pink eyeshadow, draw a line under the purple to make a nice gradient. blnd all the colors out into the crease.


Using the same pink eyeshadow, blend pink right above the purple so that it peeks out over the purple.

Apply black liquid eyeliner and mascara, and yaaaaay we're done!

Enjoi this pretty magically look!

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