Saturday, June 9, 2012

I-CANDI Cosmetics Review

A while ago I ordered 5 pigments from I-Candi Cosmetics, this girl on facebook who sells it online and also has a store in Texas, and I decided to swatch them and test them out! They each come in 5 gram containers, but you can also get the 10 gram ones. The5 gram ones are normally 8 dollars each, or 5 for 30 dollars.  When you open them, they have a little sifter thingy in the top to prevent the pigment from going all over the place, but you can remove it if you want, which is what I did. I swatched these all on the eyeshadow base that she sent me for free when my package didn't come on time :)

Here are all 5:

So the first color I'm going to start out with is Hottie.

There are no tricks here! The color is extremely bright, and it transfers on the skin just the way it looks. This one is definitely my favorite, and it even glows under a blacklight. I love this neon pink because I use pink in my makeup soooo much and the brighter the better! Also, you can mix any of these pigments with a gel to make eyeliner or lipgloss, so sometimes I'll wear a neon pink eyeliner if I want to do something a little fun without being too crazy. 

This one is called Pumpkin.

Its a really nice soft shimmery orange that isn't really bright at all, but its actually kind of unique because its pale instead of a bright in-your-face orange. It mixes with browns and tans so nicely and would be great for more subtle looks. 

I think this one is Tart. 

This is a super acid green, much like hottie. I love the color, but the only drawback is that this color in particular is kind of chalky and it takes a lot of layering in order to get it as bright on the skin as it is in the container. Its a pretty cool color though, whether its that bright or not. 

This is Punch. 

Punch is a shimmer lavender-purple color. Its really awesome because it has so much pigmentation and it only look me like 3 brush strokes to swatch it the way I wanted it to look.

And this is the white, Innocence.  

I had been looking all over for a white that actually worked. and I found it! It isnt sheer; it's a true white with shimmer.

Whats cool about all of these pigments is that they only need a teeny tiny bit to get a lot of color! They blend really nicely, and they don't have a lot of fall out either. Even though they are pretty small jars, they'll last a long time and I'm glad I got them!

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