Friday, December 23, 2011

Everyday Natural Makeup Tutorial

Wow I haven't posted in a really long time! Sorry I've been sooo busy with school that its hard to find the time, but now that its Christmas break I found the time to play around with some makeup and make a few new videos :) I don't do natural makeup looks a lot, so I thought I might try one and work more with the neutral colors that I have. I titled this one "Morning Desert" for my video. I'll do a written tutorial here, and I'll  
include my video tutorial as well. Here are the pictures of the look.....

Step 1. Always cover your eyelid with a base so that the makeup stays and sticks on easier. 

Step 2. Here, I'm using a color from Mac. Its a really pale sandy color, almost white. Just apply a color like this to the inner corner of the eye and the inner third, or you can stop the color around the middle of your eyelid. its going to be blended later, so it where it ends doesn't have to be precise. 

Step 3: These are two sandy colors that come in my Coastal Scents 88 ultra shimmer palette. I mixed these two colors together and put that right next to the pale color. I used this for the rest of the eyelid. When you're using these light colors, dont let them go above the crease of the eye. 

Step 4: I used a light brown from the 120 palette and put that next to the light shimmery colors, only on the outer part of  the eye, just to give it a little more shape without having too much contrast before adding the darker brown. The darker brown will blend with the light brown, making it more seamless and blended instead of harsh. 

Step 5: I used this darker brown from the 120 palette and I used it on the outer V of the eye, where the crease and the lid connect at the outside of the eye. By using this dark brown, it will also help the black that we add later look more blended, instead of having this random black just starting.

Step 6: This is my favorite black eyeshadow, Carbon from Mac. This step is a little harder and hard to explain. Thats why I have a video. So basically, take a little brush and start at the outer third of your eyelid. Take the black and line just the outer third, as if it were eyeliner. Extend the line and make it thicker when your eyelid ends. Pull the shadow from the line that you made and create the v shape with your black eyeshadow, over the brown. Put a little bit of black in the crease, to help make the v shape.

Step 7: Take a reddish brown, and put this color over all of the other ones in the crease, blend this color with the other ones. 

Step 8: Apply eyeliner and mascara. When you are doing your eyeliner on the lid, make sure that you wing it out and follow the shape of the eyeshadow. 

Yay!! we're done! For those who like to tone it down, this is a really pretty look and can be worn anywhere

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  1. Found you through Beautylish!! :)) Really love the look.