Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Royal Gramma Inspired Look

Hello Everyone! My first post is going to be about makeup inspired by a beautiful tropical fish, called the royal gramma! Its that one fish that was in Nemo's tank.

Here it is!!
So for this look I used the colors yellow, a sparkly pinkish purple, and a really deep purple, all from the 120 palette on Ebay. Here's pictures of what I came up with....

As you can see, the colors are reaaally nice and bright and I really love how pretty this color combination is. This doesn't go into the crease really at all, because I wanted it to have more of a long fishy shape instead of a round shape or a cut crease, to make it more accurate.  I'm going to show you how to recreate this look step by step using the 120 palette colors, but you can use whatever sinilar colors you have.

1. First you need to prep your eyes using a base to ensure that your shadow stays on longer and that it goes on brighter. The base that I always use is a paint pot from MAC called Painterly, but you can use any kind of base.

2.  The first color that you're going to use is a bright matte yellow from the 120 palette, but you can use whatever bright yellow you have. 

Apply this color in the inner corners of your eyes, blending your way towards the middle, but stop before you reach the middle third of your eye. The brush that I'm using for all of this is just a cheap brush I got from Michael's craft store. The quality of craft store brushes is just as good as any cosmetic brush, but they're also way less expensive!

3. The next color is a sparkly pink-purple from the 120 palette, its a really pretty color, but I bet you can use any pink you have.
I've used this color quite a bit because its sooo pretty!! Take that color and pat it onto the center of your eyelid, blend with the yellow and blend a little outwards towards the outer third of your eye. Don't let the color go into your crease too much because we want to keep a longer shape.

4. Next, put tape on the corners or you eyes at an angled shape. This is to prevent fall outs and to have the purple end at a sharp line. The purple we're going to use to finish this off is a really deep bright purple.
This color is definitely one of my favorites, and If I'm ever using a purple for other looks, this is probably the one. Take this purple, blend it with the pink, and saturate the color more towards the edge and brush it against the tape to make a sharp line. Again, don't go into the crease with this color because we want the look to have a more flowy fish-like feel.

5. Blend all of the colors together with a fluffy brush to get rid of any harsh lines and to make the color changes more smooth.

6. Use any highlight you want for this look, and apply it directly on the brow bone. Here, I'm using a shimmering white.

aaaaaand you're done! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Have fun recreating this look and don't be afraid to be bright!


  1. Love it girl!!!


  2. Hey Kat
    Wow, that looks really cool! That's an awesome talent :) And thanks for following my blog!


  3. Oooh Kat this is awesome! I'm going to enjoy these!